Just Call Me “Dance Mom”

i always knew if i had a daughter, i’d put her in dance – dance, gymnastics and hopefully she’d follow in her mom’s footsteps and become a cheerleader – i also wanted a girl who would be athletic and play sports (a trait she would have to inherit from her father), but secretly i hoped she would LOVE cheering and dancing! i also thought she would start dance around kindergarten and maybe just do some rec center activities those first years to learn the basics – little did i know how early kids start these days – Lord. does that make me sound like i’m 100 years old?

anyway, last summer one of the moms from Sydney’s playgroup mentioned enrolling her daughter in dance on Facebook – another mom asked about it and she said you had to enroll them now or they’d be WAY behind by the time they were 5 or 6 – crap.  the last thing i wanted was for her to be behind the curve (the horror!) so off i went to research all the local dance schools – as it turned out, they all seemed relatively the same – there were a couple that i was vaguely familiar with but we ended up going with the studio where her friend Macie dances (even though they wouldn’t be in the same class)

the day we went to register her, i immediately fell in love with the studio – we met her teacher (who was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader at the time) and she showed us around – super cute and totally girly – Sydney seemed excited so we were good to go – until we got to the first day of class – i walked in expecting a couple of girls since it was on a Monday morning – yeah, i was wrong about that – there were kids EVERYWHERE (don’t you mother’s WORK?? 😉  ) and Sydney’s class had about 16 girls in it – it was a little chaotic but i thought it would be okay once they announced they’d be splitting the class into 2 – and that’s when the drama began – all of a sudden moms were asking questions and demanding requesting that their Sally be put in the same class as Cindy because they signed up together and Mary also needed to be in the same class as Amy and all four of those girls needed to be in the same class as Melody – seriously??  they’re 2 YEARS OLD!!!  10 minutes later one of the employees pulled all the moms into another room to figure out who needed to be where  – and me?  well, i just sat my happy ass in the lobby waiting for my kid to finish class and hoping she liked it enough to come back the next week – she didn’t know any of these girls and i didn’t care who she danced with as long as she had fun

as it turned out, they ended up moving all the “friends” to an earlier class – Sydney ended up in a class full of new girls just like her and i was fine with that – i made friends with the other moms and it was a great year – she actually learned a lot (even technical dance terms!) and danced in the recital at the end of the year – she was even sad when the year ended so i knew i would sign her up this year – after the recital, all the moms promised to keep in touch so that we could try and put the girls in the same class this year – and that’s where the REAL drama began …

the first issue was that some of the girls were considering another studio due to some back-office disorganization – that stressed me out a little – i really love the studio and Sydney loves her teacher – and as much as i wanted to keep Sydney with her friends, i wasn’t wild about the new studio – but that problem quickly worked itself out and all the girls decided to return – which leads to issue #2

i knew that Sydney’s class was the only one scheduled at that time – it’s in the middle of the day in the middle of the week and it’s an hour and a half – so i was expecting 6 or 8 girls – there were 13 GIRLS!!  13??  that’s a lot of 3 year olds even with 2 teachers – but somehow they pulled all the girls into the studio and had it under the control – still, the other moms and i were a little concerned about the class size – so what did we do?  we kindly volunteered Mommy A to do the dirty work!

now, i know what you’re thinking – i’m no wilting flower, why didn’t i go make some waves?  well, because while i am very much a “let’s make this happen” type of girl, i’ve also been known to ruffle a few feathers in the process and i didn’t want that – i just wanted to see if we could get another class added – enter Mommy A

Mommy A is also a “let’s make this happen” type girl – she is super sweet and totally she Susie Sunshine type (in a good way) – she’s calm and patient and convincing in a way that leaves you feeling like the new idea was actually yours – in other words, a WAY better mommy than my “JUST DO IT!” self!  anyway, a few minutes later Mommy A returned and said that everything was worked out and they would be adding another class – she didn’t have any details but said that keeping our girls together wouldn’t be a problem – that is until it was time to go

leaving the studio is always chaos because the girls are hyped after being in class and we’re all trying to get our girls into the car and usually corralling younger brothers and sisters at the same time – but we still didn’t know the details of the new class and while we could work with any time, i wanted to make sure Sydney’s favorite teacher would be leading the class we chose – and oh yeah, could that class also include her 5 closest dance friends?

and just like that, i became one of THOSE moms – the moms i had looked down on in disdain this same time last year – the mom who needed her daughter to be in the same class as Sally and Mary and Amy because they had danced together last year and are all friends *i’m rolling my eyes at myself* so ridiculous.  but once again, there are 2 classes and our class is all old girls with a few newbies sprinkled in and the other class is who we were last year – the new kids who are just excited to be in a dance class

it should not be this difficult this early – but apparently it is – and we only have to go through it for how many more countless activities for the next 15 years?  somebody get me a drink …




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    Neka says

    I LOVED THIS! When Cece started dancing…the overwhelming urge to throwing up in my mouth consumed me for the first few months. All the “we need to bling our try-out leotards” and “who can be the first mom there to video tape the dance” was WAY too much for me to swallow. Now, I’m the blinging queen, video-taping extraordinaire, and am too busy making sure Cece’s is in good spirits and stretched to notice the newbie’s. It is crazy how you blink and things change, but is it? These are our babies and all it takes is some skinny biatch studio owner to say “When your daughter feels her best, she dances her best” and all you can see after that is your baby in the front row shinning like the star you need everyone to see! LOL! Those words have me driving every year to this little “hole in the wall” spot to purchase 500 wholesale AB rhinestones. Why AB rhinestones? Cause they are the blingiest! That child was suppose to be my cheerleader , but those legs were made for dancing. The crazy schedules, the expensive costumes, the traveling all over the US, and the competitions on Mother’s Day…drive me insane, but she only has 4 more years at home. Now I’m just enjoying watching her do what she loves. Cece is now assisting the younger kids at her studio…we would love to see Sydney’s recital this year….keep us in mind when it gets closer!

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